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Maui Activities and Adventure: A Myriad of Paradise

You’ve always considered going on a vacation to Hawaii: the lure of the islands, the mystique of the ocean, and the hospitality of the locals are unrivaled for a relaxing –or exciting – vacation destination. But how would one possibly make the most of this tropical destination? The answer is as follows; after strenuous research the top most alluring sites in Maui have been compiled so that you may maximize your vacation time and experience the full breadth of what this amazing island has to offer.

First and foremost, the natural landscape is second to none if you’re in pursuit of a beautiful island destination. There is no better way to experience the natural island beauty than to ride off into the sunset –literally. Horseback riding into the foothills has attracted everyone from newlywed couples to island explorers. And if horses aren’t your cup of tea, than why not a 50 mile drive complete with over 600 tight turns down the Hana Highway? Offering the full breadth of Maui’s landscape, this drive has been renowned by tourists the world over for its exquisite scenery.

Considering that destinations one and two were all about the journey, number three is definitely about the destination: Lahaina. Home to some of Maui’s best and most famous surf spots, Lahaina has beach spots to accommodate every skill set from beginners to your most radical shredder, and also boasts a beautifully rustic ocean-side town. After you catch a few waves in Lahaina’s beautiful beach, it’s time to head into town to check out the famous Banyan tree. Not only is this tree Lahaina’s oldest living resident, the surrounding park regularly hosts town-wide events and is an essential part of any tour. In fact, the town itself hosts many historical sites such as a 19th century courthouse, the Pioneer Inn which served as the only hotel in Maui until the 1950s, and a 19th century Fort complete with 20-foot-high walls –all within the town of Lahaina.

Once you’ve taken a day or two to explore the town and all its man-made night-life, tours, and cuisine, it’s time to take in more of Maui’s breathtaking scenery. The historic Iao Valley State Park hosts a range of different hiking trails, spanning from a mild Sunday walk to a rugged excursion to the highest peak in Maui, Haleakala. And, as an essential component for any traveler, the lush fields of exotic plants and land species offer great photo opportunities. For those who wish to pursue the artistic side of nature with a camera, the town of Lahaina not only grants opportunities for breathtaking photographs but rewards the best photos on a monthly basis. Prizes typically include Hawaii-themed nick-knacks but the grand prize has been as unique as a Pacific Whale Foundation Dinner Cruise for two.

Whether your preferred vacation speed is Nascar fast or Segway slow, Maui is ripe with destinations that have earned the island itself a world-renowned reputation for being an excellent spot to for adventure or relaxation