Maui Whale Festival

Whale Festival in Maui

Breathtaking as they breach the surface of the glistening waters off the Maui coastline. Through winter and spring, the majestic humpback whale migrates from their northern home in Alaska to mate, calve and nurse their young. During whale season, guests can witness this magnificent mammal in its natural habitat; more than 12,000 whales migrate to Hawaii every year. The Maui Whale Festival, celebrating its 35th year, is held to honor the fascinating humpback whale as well as raise awareness to the challenges they face. The event is free to the public.

Days of Festivities

The festival’s activities start on Friday evening with “Whales under the Stars” held at Kalama Park. Pacific Whale Foundation’s Founder and Executive Director, Greg Kaufman will lead an interactive presentation that includes stories and insights from his more than 35 years in the field of preservation and ecotourism. Though the event is free, there is limited seating. You can make a reservation or bring your own lawn chair and blanket.

Parade of Whales

Saturday morning begins the festival with the Parade of Whales. At 9am the parade will follow South Kihei Road to Kalahama Park. Comprised of delightful characters and floats, the Parade will also play host to local celebrities and politicians with a surprise Grand Marshall. The parade is announced by local DJs from KPOA and prizes are awarded to participants in several categories.

Whale Day at the Park

This year’s festival will take place at Kalahama Park in Kihei. The day will be filled with live music, traditional performances, a dance party, food booths, local artisans, information kiosks of non-profits looking to protect Maui’s marine life and habitat as well as a carnival for the kiddies. You can also enter the Wild & Wonderful Whale Regatta – a fast-paced race of rubber whales, vying for the finish line.

Pacific Whale Foundation

World Whale Day and the Maui Whale Festival is presented by the Pacific Whale Foundation. The non-profit was founded in 1980 to advocate for whales and other marine life through research, education and awareness. The organization is international and continues its global efforts to protect the ocean wildlife and their natural habitat.

Stay and Play

When planning your trip to attend the festival, discover the best in Maui Vacation Rentals at Kaanapali Alii near Lahaina. The resort boasts accommodations that are nearly 4 times as large as a standard hotel room, a tropical pool and activity center, steps away from Kaanapali Beach and amenities that make your vacation a paradise retreat.

Maui Resorts Kaanapali Alii

Kaanapali Alii Amenities: The Finest in Maui Resorts

With so many Maui resorts to choose from, the amenities and location can often be the deciding factors in which resort you choose. Situated on the world famous Kaanapali Beach, Kaanapali Alii is one of the best locations for a Maui vacation. Within steps of the resort, you have endless water activities, first class restaurants and a multitude of shopping and events with which to partake. The Kaanapali Alii property also has onsite services and amenities that you expect from a luxurious resort.

Unwind with a Maui Spa

Enjoying a massage or other body treatment during vacation can make a good getaway, the perfect getaway. Alii Spa at Kaanapali features the Alii massage for relaxation and rejuvenation, a hot stone or deep tissue massage to soothe your body and soul or reflexology and aromatherapy for your overall well-being.

Fitness to Fit Your Mood

Kaanapali Alii’s athletic center is a 3,000 square feet state of the art facility. With exercise and cardio equipment, a yoga stretching studio, fitness and yoga classes from an in-house instructor and onsite tennis courts – you can enjoy getting healthy while vacationing in paradise. Bask in the brilliant sunshine at one of the beautiful outside pools, whirl pools and a children’s pool. Landscaped with tropical palm tree and overlooking the nearby ocean beach, fun in the sun will be all yours. Take advantage of the outside shaded pavilion for family picnics and barbeques.

Something for the Kiddos

Give the kids a break too at Alii’s Kid’s Club. Guests 6 to 12 years old can experience Hawaiian culture through music and chant, Hawaiian coconut weaving, and mixed flower lei making. They can take part in the hula boot camp or tennis madness. Their complimentary membership also includes special discounts to local family activities.

Location, Location, Location

Kaanapali Alii is located in Lahaina, a historic town now populated with restaurants, shopping and ocean activities. Two of the main retail areas in Lahaina are Front Street and Whalers Village. Front Street is a quaint set of boutiques and galleries, a block from the marina. Many events are held on Front Street near the Banyan Tree to celebrate food, libations and Hawaiian culture. This area also has many restaurants to choose from that will satisfy any palate. Whalers Village not only offers great retail choices but has cultural and music events as well.

There are many reasons why Hawaii is so popular for vacations. Maui Resorts are some of the best in the world and Kaanapali Beach has everything to offer for those looking for adventure or serenity.

Whalers Village Kaanapali Alii

Things to do in Maui: Whalers Village near Kaanapali


You could spend all day window shopping at Whalers Village. Then again, why not stop in and get all the Island apparel you could ever want including fashion flip flops, surfer styling or iconic Hawaiian shirts. Complete the look with a pair of sunglasses and an awesome beach hat! There are so many stores at Whalers Village filled with fun and personality but if you take shopping a little more seriously, the mall has a Coach and Louis Vuitton boutique as well as numerous jewelry stores.

Cuisine at Maui Restaurants

With the beautiful outdoor setting of Whalers Village Maui, the onsite restaurants are the ideal place to not only savor American steak and seafood fare and traditional Hawaiian delicacies but enjoy the paradise-like environment. The Hawaiian Ceviche at Hula’s Grill spotlights the local fresh seafood but intensified by Island flavors. Leilani’s cioppino and pan-seared catch of the day will make your month water. And Maui Fish and Pasta’s innovative menu includes locally sourced ingredients and a creative spin or fish and pasta dishes. If you are looking for things to do in Maui, Whalers Village is a must-see and a must-eat adventure.

Events at the Mall

To round out your shopping on Maui experience, the mall has daily events to entertain and educate. Though most of your Maui vacation will be spent at the beach or the pool, it’s a nice change of pace to take a day to saunter the promenade and let the breeze comfort you. A new outfit to commemorate your Island trip, a tropical drink or cold brew, succulent lunch or dinner and culture too.

  • Lei Making
  • Coconut Husking
  • Hawaiian and Polynesian Hula Dancing and Lessons
  • Tahitian Dance
  • Live Music
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Annual and Seasonal Events throughout the year
Kaanapali Beach

Kaanapali Beach: Maui Beaches Endless Adventure

The sunshine glistening on crystal waters and the white sand beaches stretch out beneath your feet. Children laugh as they play in the gently lapping ocean and you hear the exhilarated squeals of a group parasailing. Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a picturesque bustling resort village – you are at Ka’anapali Beach in Maui. Trip Advisor recently named Ka’anapali Beach the second of the top 25 beaches in the U.S.

Three miles of pristine sand line a clear blue ocean beachfront, the perfect playground for an endless list of water activities. The beach is known for its shallow waters by the bank and calm waves near the coast. A paved beach walk follows the shoreline and guides you past restaurants, parks, luau’s and the Whaler’s Village shops.

Kaanapali BeachAdventure is yours for the taking and if you love to be active, wakeboarding and surfing will get your heart racing. Parasailing on Kaanapali Beach is another breathtaking experience to have during your Maui vacation. For a more serene marine venture, book a snorkeling or whale watching tour during the light or end your day with a dinner, cocktail or sunset cruise. And for those that like solitude, a walking tour of Kaanapali or renting a kayak might be right up your alley.

At Ka’anapali Beach’s northernmost cliff, the Black Rock or Puu Kekaa, a daily cliff diving ceremony is one of the most popular events for visitors to Maui. Held at sunset every evening, a cliff diver lights the torches along the cliff, and dives off of Black Rock in a homage to Maui’s revered King Kahekili. The King would prove his spiritual strength and prowess of Lele Kawa, or cliff diving, by jumping into the waters below, and intimidating his adversaries.

Beach vacations remind us to slow and enjoy, the Aloha spirit one might say. Another Hawaiian concept that refers to this sense of peace is Aina, its direct meaning is land, but the theory is to connect with nature, to be one with the air, sea, and earth. Ka’anapali Beach provides you with the tranquility or the excitement that you want on your resort vacation.

whale watching maui

An Experience of a Lifetime: Whale Watching in Maui Hawaii

Maui is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque resort areas in the world. The natural beauty attracts visitors year round but there is so much more to do and experience on our stunning island. If you are looking for some things to do in Maui during your stay, the whale watching is some of the best in the US. The fall starts the humpback whale season as they migrate from Alaska to Hawaii during the colder months. More than 12,000 whales move into the tropical waters, most arriving in Maui. Whale watching in Maui is an experience of a lifetime.

The Whalers Village Museum showcases the lives of the whalers through tools and artifacts, pictures and one of the largest collections of scrimshaw in the country. Maui, and specifically Ka’anapali, has a rich history of whaling. In the early to late 1800’s, the surrounding area was populated with young boys and men living on schooners throughout the migration. These sailors crafted intricate relics carved from the ivory and bone of the hunted whales.

The museum, located in the Whalers Village Fine Shops & Restaurants, is one of the most popular attractions to visit in Maui. Adults and kids alike will enjoy the Whale Talks, Marine Walking Tours and Free Movies that the museum offers to its visitors. Better yet, walk out to the Whalers Museum’s bridge and witness for yourself the majesty as the whales breach the surface, frolic and flap their tails. For a closer encounter and more intimate experience there are plenty of local companies that operate guided whale watching tours in Maui.

In 1992, Congress named this area of the Pacific a National Marine Sanctuary to ensure that the humpback whales could continue to safely mate, calve and nurse their young. Presently, the museum works in concert with local groups to protect and preserve the whale population.


The Road to Hana

“It’s about the journey, not the destination”, is a fair motto and philosophy of the beautifully, adventurous road to Hana. This 55 mile drive along the Maui coastline serves up gorgeous views, such as cascading waterfalls, lush rainforests, and the surreal Maui coastline as the Pacific gloriously collides into white sands or steep, rock cliffs. This road truly shows off the natural beauty of Maui.

For most, the journey starts in Kahului. From here, it is 55 miles to the final destination, Hana. Starting from here has been noted to take all day, if one does the trip right. It is recommended for one to plan out the stops and sights to see before beginning the drive. Taking the time to truly see and learn about Maui is what makes this drive memorable and worthwhile. Yes, it is a gorgeous drive even to just whip through. But there is much more to experience. Take your time, plan ahead, and enjoy the journey fully.

There are numerous stops on the trip that are worthwhile to see. Twin Falls is one of them. This spot is around the two mile marker going from Kahului to Hana. At about the 21 mile marker, the Wailea overlook or Waikani Falls, boasts more spectacular views and perfect photo opportunities. More stops include, Wainapanapa State Park, Hookipa Beach, and the Seven Sacred Pools. The Seven Sacred Pools are one of the most popular attractions on the island, to avoid heavy crowds, visit the pools as early as possible- before noon. Also, weather may cause the pools to close, so check in with the ranger station to be sure about the park’s opening.

A full day should be set apart to truly enjoy the road to Hana. Bring snacks, lunch, drinks, a camera, and good company. If there is any proneness to motion sickness, maybe bring some Dramamine as well, go slow and allow for time outside of the car to recuperate. Remember, it’s about the journey not the destination. See it fully, friends.


The Ices of Maui: Cold Island Treats

Being in Maui, the surroundings don’t exactly scream cold and ice. The weather is warm and mild, the setting is Caribbean and tropical, and it’s far from ice and snow. The thing about Maui is that the people love ice and they know what they are doing with it. Icy cold treats are locally famous desserts that locals and tourists alike enjoy daily, sometimes hourly- they’re really just that good!


Shaved ice is a Hawaiian trademark. So if you’re on Maui, be sure to try some of these authentic frozen desserts. Ululani’s Shaved Ice on the Maui island features esteemed shaved ice treats that are notorious for their taste and refreshment on a hot Maui day. Their syrups are made from pure cane sugar giving them that authentic and fresh taste.


Another Hawaiian trademark dessert is Shaka Pops. These handmade popsicles can be purchased from local vendors or stores. Some argue that these are better than the local shaved ice. These popsicles are made from fresh fruits and than frozen into different layers that create a unique presentation and taste experience. Organic flavors, fresh frozen fruit- it’s the perfect dessert for the island life.


Gelato is also a big hit on the island. Ono Gelato Company on the Maui Island boasts it is “the best gelato on the island”. It features authentic Italian, slow-churned gelato covering a wide array of fresh flavors. From chocolate to fruit, the flavors are fresh, bold, and delicious. Gelato is not only healthier than ice cream it is tastier too. Less calories, more flavor, Maui made- it’s a win, win situation all around.


Maui is notorious for the cold sweet treats it makes. Local, fresh, and delicious, these treats have to be tried. There are plenty more options to choose from when it comes to delicious desserts on the island, though these are a few standouts. Brain-freeze? Worth it.


Enjoy friends.


Windsurfing Maui

Maui offers one of the widest range of recreational activities for tourists and residents. With its’ pristine beaches, mild weather, and fun loving culture, it’s the birth haven for fun in the sun. One of the most sought out after activities to do in Maui is windsurf. For those who don’t know what this is, essentially it is the use of a wind sail attached to a surfboard that propels a surfer across the surface of the water. Your feet slip into a binding, your hands grasp onto the shaft of the sail, and the sail catches onto the wind and guides you along the water.

There are numerous beaches in Maui that offer this recreational activity. The majority of windsurfing takes place on the North shore. The North shore is known for powerful north east trade winds that bring perfect waves sailing up and down the center of Maui’s shore. The beaches on the north side include Hookipa, Camp One, Sprecks, Sugar Cove, and Kanaha. On the south shore of the island, the beach Kihei offers windsurfing areas as well. At these beaches, one can find ideal places that allow for windsurfers to fully enjoy the sport.

If you don’t have the gear for windsurfing or are only going to be in Maui for a short amount of time, renting is a clear choice. There are multiple locations and shops that offer rental equipment. One can easily find options for windsurfing lessons as well, if one is needing a little extra help getting started. There are multiple websites of shops that offer rentals, pricing, and locations to best suite your needs if one is wanting to research that before arriving to the island.

Whether you’re a pro or a beginner windsurfing in Maui is a purely fun option.  Ideal beaches and locations, numerous options for rentals, and offered lessons make it an easy and fun way to spend the day out on the water and in the Hawaiian sun. Catch some rays, catch some waves, and catch some wind, adventurers!


Beaches for everyone in Maui!

Okay, so you’re in Hawaii. The last thing anyone should really be worried about is finding a decent beach. Maui offers some of the most pristine, beautiful, and fun beaches on the globe. Whether you’re wanting to surf, hang out, or see a gorgeous view, Maui has you covered. There are numerous beaches to choose from. From the north, south, east, or west, there are a plethora of beaches to suit your every need. There are a few notable beaches of course, focusing in on the south side, three particular beaches stand out.

The first one is Makena Beach. Dramatic cliffs, fine and rich orange/white sand, and swells strong enough to satisfy the surfers, this beach has it all. Great surfing conditions, beautiful scenery, and clear blue/green water, this beach is an all-around competitor. Note: this beach is known for stronger and unpredictable swells, be cautious with the younger kids and the water currents.

Next to Makena Beach is the notable Maluaka Beach. The beach is a pristine stretch of white sand colliding against the crystal blue/green water shared with the Makena Beach. This beach offers surrounding picnic areas, restrooms, and showers. Another great activity one can enjoy at this beach is the snorkeling. This beach offers perfect snorkeling areas so one can see not only the beauty above the water but also under it. Don’t know what Ariel was complaining about, life under the sea is pretty awesome!

Another beach fit for the whole family, is the Charley Young Beach. On the north end of the Kamaole 1 Beach, is a large stretch of fine sand, complete with amazing views of the island. This is a swimming beach. The ideal place for a picnic with the whole family or just a fun time at the shore. The parking for the beach is said to be on the side of South Kihei road.

Whatever kind of beach experience you’re looking for, Maui’s diverse selection of beaches will be sure to attract your attention and tastes. Maui beaches are a trademark of the Hawaiian experience. Choose some beaches you want to visit, try something different, and have fun!

Weekend events in Maui to benefit Will Smith charities and metaphysics

The tourism season in Hawaii is most active not when the weather is the best there, but when it’s the worst everywhere else. Hence, as the continental US stands of the precipice of a full-scale temperature turn-down, Maui and the islands are poised to start hiking up hotel rates, airfare, and car rental to accommodate the influx of traffic. However, the worst of the influx isn’t reported to begin until the months of December-January, leaving the fall travelers with quite the advantage. Fortunately, Hawaii’s seasons range from wet for their winter months to a dry and hot summer, with ground temperature basically maintaining between 70-80 degrees.

That’s great news for all the fall travelers interested in taking the journey to our shores, because this weekend has planned a few very special treats for tourists and locals alike. This weekend, Sunday, October the 19th, join Buddha Maitreya the Christ for his OM Group Pyramid Meditation and Dharma Teaching. The cost of entry is $15 and includes a free meditation CD. The study itself focuses on the inner-self interacting with the world around you, and learning how to become complete in the midst of the 90-mile-an-hour days we are prone to customizing ourselves to.

If the teachings of metaphysics and Zen aren’t your cup of afternoon tea, than the presentation by international stylist Billy Yamaguchi presented by the Will Smith Foundation may be an applicable alternative. As a benefit to the Will Smith Foundation, this event will feature cocktails and a presentation by the internationally-renewed stylist and master of Feng Shui. The cost of the event is $175 per person and the proceeds will go toward ensuring that the charities sponsored by the Will Smith Foundation function nominally.  MAuiFall

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